Safety Net Screening

FREE Paperless COVID-19 Employee Screening - Protecting You and Your Business

Keep your employees and customers safe during this pandemic while ensuring your business is compliant and protected from liability and litigation. SafetyNet Screening offers a web based solution to all your health screening questionnaire needs. Easy to set up with minimum upkeep.

The Complete COVID Package for Businesses

How Safety Net Screening™ Works

Employee Receives Link or QR Code

A web based health questionnaire is accessed by employees before starting work

Employee Fills Out Form

The employee fills out questionnaire and documents to show they are healthy to go into work

Employee Receives Pass/Fail

The employee shares the results of the health screening, ensuring the most up to date health information is available to the organization

No More Pen and Paper Storage

Results are stored securely and can be accessed on a daily basis

Total Cases in USA
Total Deaths in USA
Cases in Last 7 Days
0 +
Permanent Business Closures From March 1st to July 25th
The New Normal

A Simplified COVID Screening Solution that Protects Your Business

We know your business needs a quick, easy, and affordable way to screen employees. Ensuring they come to work healthy and remain COVID-free helps you sustain operations and protect yourself from liability. Safety Net Screening™ is a free web based platform that offers all of that and more! No more complicated, time-consuming, invasive paper based employee screening. Safety Net Screening™ offers private, at-home employee COVID screening that can be used by anyone (no apps, no smartphones, no computers required).

Easy Setup - Minimum Upkeep

Let Us Worry About Guidelines - Get Back to Your Business

Employee COVID and other health screenings are the future. Get on board today with an easy solution to a healthier, more profitable tomorrow.

Protect Your Business

CDC and State Guideline Compliant

Ensure your business is protected from liability and litigation by letting us adapt to the constant changing guidelines.

The guidelines for operating during this pandemic can change daily.  Let us be your COVID Expert Consultants and make sure you are operating with all mandatory guidelines. Don’t let your business suffer needlessly when we have the complete COVID package to keep you and your business covered. 

Protect Your Employees

Track Employees Health

Track symptoms, exposure, temperature and more with our text-based questionnaire before your employees even leave their homes.

Prevent the spread of COVID-19 in your workplace with daily SMS health screenings. Document symptoms, take a picture of a thermometer reading or enter temperatures manually, and require sign-off that results are accurate.

Save Time and Reduce Stress

Stay up to date and informed

Instant SMS Alerts with results sent directly to your chosen HR Representative.

With SafetyNet Screening, you will be notified immediately when someone fails the screening process so you can react quickly and accordingly. Every minute matters when schedule issues arise.

Are COVID Guidelines Taking You Away From Your Business?

Personalized Protection


Find the best health screening approach that works for your business.

Customize the screening questionnaire to ensure you meet all State and Federal Guidelines. Find what works for you and your business to prevent any slowdown in work.

Save Time and Reduce Stress


All the information you need in one, easy to navigate place.

Your management team has access to an Employee Temperature Testing Portal with daily test results. Pass/fail results are sent to the designated HR person or manager for follow up. All results are also immediately available on the Employee Portal.

Protect Your Information


All employee screening data uploaded directly to the cloud – secure and protected.

Let us handle your fears on compliance and liability. Your information is collected and stored in our secure servers.

Safety Net Screening™

Keep your employees and customers safe during this pandemic while ensuring your business is compliant and protected from liability and litigation.